Arizona is the sixth largest of the US states, and known for its desert climate, baking hot summers, and deep canyons and national parks. Prominent cities and towns include the state capital Phoenix, Tucson – home to the University of Arizona – Mesa, Scottsdale, and the lesser known Prescott and Yuma. Nearly 400 miles of border is shared with Mexico.

Most people will hear Arizona and think of one gigantic landmark. And it’s true that the Grand Canyon National Park is a spectacular sight from plane, helicopter or even on foot on the Skywalk viewing platform. But other attractions of living in the ‘Copper State’ include the Hoover Dam, the bizarre Chiricahua national monument of ‘Land of Standing Up Rocks’, and the ethereal Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

If you’re looking for dream properties then there’s plenty on offer. The area of Paradise Valley lives up to its name with a succession of multi-million dollar properties, while Scottsdale boasts a number of $5m+ homes in guard gated estate communities including the ultra-exclusive Silverleaf development, where at least one property is on the market for more than $30m.

You’ll find a number of fabulous ranches across the whole state, with some property/land combinations across the Phoenix area on the market for more than $5m for 10 to 15 acres of land.