It is no wonder that Hawaii, nicknamed the ‘Aloha State’, has become synonymous with paradise, when you see its sandy beaches, colourful coral reefs, tropical foliage, glistening waterfalls and year-round sunshine.

The birthplace of US President Barack Obama, Hawaii is the smallest state of the USA and the only one to be made up entirely of islands. The beauty of which has made them the prime location for Hollywood movies, including Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones.

There are eight islands (six of which are open to visitors) that have been formed over millions of years by volcanic eruptions thousands of miles from the edge of the Pacific plate.

The most popular of the six unique islands is Oahu, a vibrant mix of natural and cultural wonders, modern entertainment and amenities. It is home to the majority of the islands population and to Hawaii’s state capital and only big city, Honolulu.

Hawaii’s most expensive zip code, 96821, is located in East Honolulu, an ideal destination to learn how to catch a wave, which can be viewed from the oceanfront estates. With the breathtaking views being a huge draw, properties in the area have sold for upwards of $13 million.

The largest island, The Island of Hawaii, boasts 11 climate zones and is known for its snorkeling and diving, which is widely considered the best in the state.
While undeveloped, Molokai offers a real Hawaiian experience, with no buildings taller than a palm tree and not a traffic light in sight.